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Mergosoft Private Limited is a leader in IT services and consulting, was established in the year of 2013 by the Managing Director Mr Mahendran in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Two years later, we began our branches in London and Erode. Now, it is one of the fastest growing IT Company in India.

Mergosoft originated as an independent company in 2013 when it ventured into the software services business. Mergosoft started with just US$ 776, at present running with sufficient employees providing services includes IT solutions and services, including Systems Integration, Consulting, Information Systems outsourcing, IT-enabled services, and R&D services.

The employees of Mergosoft generate new concept, inspiration, and passion in a changing business environment. We help our clients to find the right Solution for problems and to solve the problems effectively. We succeed when we make our clients successful.

Our Business Groups

Mergosoft runs different business areas in India where contributes our entire product cycle to serve customers from consumers to corporations Such as

  • Mergosoft – IT
  • Mergotrading – Trade
  • Mergoshop – E-Commerce
  • Mergoagri – Agricultural Services


Mergotrading is a export business by collecting product from seller and receive to buyer. Mergoshop is an e-commerce website where products reached to consumers at any end of India. Mergosoft is the software development and service provider as well as Mergoagri also provide services to farmers in the means of selling agricultural equipment’s till seeds.

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