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Future Insights of Human Machine Interface (HMI) Technology


A Human Machine Interface basically, is a well- structured combination of hardware and software components which enable all users to provide inputs which later on gets converted into signals by these machines. Further, these signals are processed by the machine and desired outputs are provided to the user. The term HMI is often confused with M2M, which stands for Machine to Machine communication. We can often see this Human Machine Interface to be put into use across several different industries such as military, health care, electronics, entertainment, aviation and much more.


Devices & Sensors

Mobile Devices, Smart Wearables, Smart surfaces, Motion Sensors,


Intersection of Physical and Digital World

ugmented reality, virtual reality, Smart Wearables, Smart surfaces....


Gaming and Gamification

Game design to address business challenges Motion Sensors, Biometrics Viewmore Machine Int....


Machine Interactions

Vending machines, home appliances, industrial machines....


Mergosoft HMI

It some kind of interaction which takes place between a machine and a human being or is it a common cloud where every non-living entity is capable of interacting as well as associating with every living entity Human Machine Interface (HMI) is a kind of interaction which is a property of several devi....

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