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The working environment is evolving rapidly and mobile solutions have become essential, something that has become evident in everyday activities. With our know-how concerning the integration of mobile, mapping and decision-making technologies, we can make all your actions possible:


Evolution as Software Defined Data Centre in Industry
New Technology Updates in Mergosoft with all Applications
High Technologies offers higher Security in Software development
Find Information Technology and Business Intelligence in Future Market

Current Trends in High Tech

High Tech companies, operating on the cutting edge of technology, are reimagining their business models based on the Cloud, Analytics, Mobile and Social. Across the highly competitive global market, business consolidations are common, with companies positioning themselves as digital businesses and platform companies.


Our offer

Mergosoft implement geospatial solutions that enable in-context access to data and specialized applications. We develop mobility and mapping solutions that enable information to be captured differently, whereas at the same time optimizing its management and analysis.

Our key advantages

Mergosoft High Tech has an in-depth knowledge of its clients’ business, knowing how to maximize their professional applications, such as maintenance, planning, BI, supervision.

The company possesses a pool of experts with the ability to run projects in their globalism. Each phase of your project: the advisory stage, integration, management and specific developments will be entirely run by our project directors.
Finally, Mergosoft High-Tech possesses a real technological command of both open source and editor’s solutions, and also develops a wide range of client-specific solutions.

Mergosoft’s Achievement

Mergosoft addresses fundamental problems, achieve process efficiency and improve productivity and collaboration across businesses. The High-Tech industry has been dealing with extreme competition, continuous product innovation and submission dedication. There is also a need for swift responses to global sourcing strategies, while trying to reduce costs and improve efficiencies. Our company published several websites for different kind of business to make High tech with new technologies.

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