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Mergosoft has helped many global retail & distribution companies by providing effective information technology software solutions for their various needs as per the format of the business they operate in. Our offerings have been across all segments of the industry ranging,
• Single Brand Stores
• Multi Brand Stores
• Online Retail
• Discount Retail
• Specialty Retail
• Distribution & Suppliers


The rise of the always-on, ultra-informed consumer is spurring rapid innovation and a richer retail experience at retail stores. But retailers must balance this with the need to contain costs in an environment of fluctuating consumer confidence. Technology is central to managing this balance.

Key trends affecting application development in the retail industry include:
• Empowered consumers — growth in mobile device use and “social shopping”
• In-store wireless devices and apps
• Business intelligence / use of Big Data
• Demand visibility in the shopping aisle
• Flexible inventory management


Retail markets are changing dramatically. Mobile customers, big box stores, and global markets challenge local retailers to stay competitive. Our programs help local businesses and business leaders maintain a competitive retail marketplace.

Mergosoft Retail Enhancement

Mergosoft offer a comprehensive suite of retail services and solutions that enable end-to-end revolutions. Our offerings leverage our in-depth technology capability and rich retail industry domain experience to deliver results with uncompromised certainty. We cater to all kind of segments like Food and Grocery, Specialty Retailing, Non-Store Retailing, Fashion and Apparel, General Merchandise Retailing and Pharma Retailing. Our software people research upon the different retail business perspective to satisfy the client’s expectation. Our products include financial outcome in the retail billing which are submitted to Income Tax department. Mergosoft launched software’s to retail stores such as InveBook, Medicare and etc.

How Mergosoft to Retail Industry

Mergosoft Retail and Consumer Discretionary Practice consists of professionals that include industry consultants, retail specialist, software solution architects, consultants, technical architects, transition specialists, project managers, programmers and testers. We combine our technical depth with domain knowledge to create innovative solutions that give Retailers the ability to thrive in today’s demanding market place.

Mergosoft Systems Benefits

Working with our experienced team of mergosoft developers offers the following advantages:
• Quick, cost-effective development cycle
• Experience across a broad range of industries
• Large library of component code (shopping cart, calendar, mailing list, and more)
• Efficient and knowledgeable and professional management structure

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