Our key digital offerings for the Energy and Utilities sector include:

Strategic Consulting

Consultation services by domain and industry experts to assess the current state of the organization, identify potential gaps and suggest a suitable model to adapt existing web and IT assets to new age devices and technology.

Dashboards and Workflows


Advanced analytics models and BI to provide better insights for decision making. Dashboards to display plant-inventory, spare parts and resources in real- time. Instant mobile access to business and employee workflows and capabilities to approve/reject plans instantly.

Tracking and Monitoring

Mobile tools to track and verify project progress with photos, digital signatures and GPS locations. Analytics to track consumers on energy consumption and payment patterns.

Managed Service Platform


Increase productivity and efficiency of field teams by seamlessly integrating mobile and cloud services to offer service engineers anytime, anywhere access to business critical information via mobile devices.

Quality Assurance and Inspection


Collaborative tools and checklists of tasks to be carried out by service engineers to avoid missing critical details. Inspection guidelines, safety and quality assurance specifications for better visibility and improved productivity.

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