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Mergosoft make data a competitive advantage and turn solid information sources into synchronized ones with comprehensive
business intelligence tool....

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Why Mergosoft Analytics?

Mergosoft Analytics and Information Management Mergosoft offers information management, business intelligence and advanced
analytics solutions, ....

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Business Analytics and Technologies

The Business Analytics and Technologies concentration aims to develop this managerial talent ......

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Mergosoft Cloud Analytics

Cloud analytics is primarily a cloud-enabled solution ......

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Predictive Analytics Solution

Accelerate your transformation to a digital enterprise with predictive analytics....

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Software Analytics

Software Analytics is about gathering billions and billions of metrics ....

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Featured Mergosoft Analytics

Delivers cloud-based guided analytics, data visualization and predictive analytics that make understanding data easier. Watson
Analytics offers a smar....

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Advanced suite of predictive, analytical, and information management software.

Complete portfolio of managed services for data and analytics in the cloud.

Pre-built analytic solutions for very specific industry use cases.

Pre-built analytic solutions for very specific industry use cases.

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