Mergosoft | Mobility


Mergosoft Mobility helps clients hold mobility as a transformational strategy to deliver real, measurable and sustainable
improvements in business per....

Mobile Users, Applications and Data


Mobile users (for example, employees, customers and partners) increasingly expect to integrate......


The rush to develop mobile applications is similar to the rapid introduction......


Mobile data requirements are emerging as a key factor in the design of mobile applications and user....


Information Mobility Means Business Opportunity

Enterprise Mobility

A recurring theme in many of our conversations with Gartner clients is their struggle with mobile governance.....


Mobile Infrastructure

Mobile infrastructure provides the foundation upon which enterprises build their mobile solutions.....


Security and Identity

Mobility has not changed the fundamental types of information security risks that enterprises must confront.....


Professional Effectiveness

Enterprises are struggling to adapt to new employment norms — norms that have been in place for generations but are changing
because of wireless net....


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